Recovery Services

Recovery means different things to different people

Our approach is based on embracing the values of recovery and focusing on mental well-being. We do not see mental health problems as an “illness”, and as aconsequence  we do not see our clients as “patients”. Recovery does not mean “to cure”, it is about providing people with the skills to manage and enjoy their lives. At Amitola Communities we work alongside individuals on their journey.

A recovery journey is personalised to the individual and everyone has the right to choose their own path to recovery, to move beyond the traditional ideals of survival and existence through the promotion and the development of key living skills, increased independence brought about by meaningful and purposeful daily activities. We recognise the importance of making time to talk, and to listen and develop meaningful relationships. We use innovative techniques to help better understand individual issues and encourage and support to ensure everyone has a purpose in their lives. Our approach to recovery emphasises that while people may not have full control of their symptoms, they can have full control over their lives and their future.

Recovery is about personal growth, and helping people to achieve their aspirations. The recovery values underpinning the program include choice, ownership, responsibility, sense of self and community.

Our recovery programmes are facilitated by a dedicated and experienced team of professionals, including a Registered Manager, Mental Health Nurses (RMN), Recovery Workers, qualified Psycho-Social Intervention Workers, Councillors, trained Family Workers, internal and external therapeutic activity Providers.

Spheres of Life

The recovery programmes work within the Amitola “Spheres of Life”, which are Physical Health and Wellbeing, Social, Community, Environment, Emotional, Psychological and Spirituality.

Recovery House was setup in 2014 designed for individuals who are ready to take the next step in their recovery journey. This is for people who want to engage in our innovative programme with the goal to progress to more independent living arrangements and develop a stronger autonomy from services.

One One Eight opened in 2016 The primary purpose of the service is to promote and enable people on their recovery journey, introducing and supporting clients to access the community for educational, voluntary, work and recreational purposes.

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