Community Services


Amitola Communities provide bespoke mental health support packages in an independent living setting, particularly for those leaving care with ongoing mental health, physical and emotional support needs.

From our experience in the sector it is clear that there are many adults who remain in services because they are stuck, as there is little adequate service provision in the community to afford a safe and effective step down placement. Theravada has been designed specifically to bridge the gap between often restrictive inpatient services and reintegrating adaptively into the wider community.

There are countless people contending with mental health difficulties who possess many of the skills to live independently yet require ongoing emotional encouragement and a robust substructure to live independently in their own tenancy, with their own front door key. We aim to help people reclaim their independence by underpinning their tenancy with a bespoke package of support from a dedicated and experienced mental health team. The service is ideally suited to individuals who wish to step down from residential care, inpatient (including secure) settings, or they may be moving out of a family context that is not able to provide for their needs.

With our dedicated out-reach team we will to empower individuals with a broad spectrum of mental health needs and complexities to maintain themselves in the community. Amitola staff are accomplished in working with individuals contending with chronic, enduring and often co-morbid issues including psychotic vulnerabilities, social issues, mood disorders, self-injurious behaviours, learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder.

Theravada forms the final step of the Amitola recovery pathway, bridging the gap between the often solitary, fearful and confusing experiences of being a mental health patient in the community. Affording clients the opportunity to live in their own tenancy, whilst retaining the level of support required to minimise relapse.

We have seen and heard countless people’s stories where an attempt has been made to establish autonomy from Mental Health services but ultimately that person has relapsed due to their ongoing vulnerabilities, isolation and lack of support they receive whilst living in the community.

This is especially common in the prior mentioned examples of people stepping down from residential care or inpatient services, that are used to having support available as and when it is required. This level of support is usually no longer available to people when moving into the community, until now.

Our specialist Mental Health outreach team will liaise directly with each client, working collaboratively on their recovery journey, using the agreed support plan as a template for progress.

Our goal is to create a safe space for individuals to live life to its full potential, free from restriction, persecution and fear.